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January Pictures

Here are some pictures of some of the fun things that we are doing inside of our classroom!

Our snowmen! The kids dipped Q-tips in white paint to make the "snowflakes"

L is for Lobster! Check out our hand and foot print lobsters!
T is for turtle!
Tessa W and Adlee playing with blocks during center time!
Ivy and Noah playing in the noodles (sensory center) during center time!
Sophia, Cameron and Lane practicing their lacing skills during center time!
Ty and Avery playing with Little People sets during center time!
This is why you brought in hangers! :) Check out our Day 4 of Creation mobiles!
On Day 4, God made the sun, moon and stars.
Our class listening to our guest speaker Mrs. Andrea and her daughter Libby teach us about Chinese New Year
Each child got to practice using chopsticks. Here's Noah during his turn!
Cameron got a noodle!
Our full day kids added F to their alphabet book.
F is for feathers.
Our full day kids added T to their alphabet book.
T is for triangle.
Our full day kids added L to their alphabet book.
L is for letters.
Check out our snowflakes!
Lane and Adlee playing with cars during center time!
Ivy and Noah playing with Mr. Potato Head (fine motor) during center time!
January was a great month for us! We learned a lot of new letters, shapes, numbers, nursery rhymes and bible verses!
Check back to see what great things are happening inside our classroom!

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