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Check Out What We Did Last Week!

Here are some pictures of some of the fun things that we did in our class last week!

In our afternoon/full day class we added the letter M to our alphabet book.
M is for marble painting.
Enjoying a book read by Ms. June in library!
Avery, Sophia, Adlee and Tessa W. playing out on the playground.
M is for Mouse!
Kora, Sophia and Tyler playing out on the playground.
This little guy stood by the fence and watched the kids play throughout their entire recess time!
I think he wanted to join them! :)
The kids love when the cows are out!
Mrs. Amy and I wore mustaches for the letter M.
I don't think the kids were too fond of them! :)
We've had a great 1st month of school! Check back to see what great things are happening inside our classroom!

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