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Look and see what great things are happening in our class!

Look at all of the fun we had last week!

We had such a great week! Here are some pictures to prove it!
Taylor, Bryson, Eli and Madelyn playing at the block center.
Lindsey, Addilyn and Logan making their cherry blossom craft with Coke bottles.
Jackson, Sam, Avery and Izzy playing at the block center.
Jackson, Bryson and Sam playing on the playground.
Lily, Madelyn, Grant, Logan and Izzy playing on the playground.
My favorite picture of the week!
Drew, Lily, Madelyn, Izzy and Addilyn walking at the zoo.
The lion was out getting a drink of water!
Izzy, Eli, Jackson, Bryson and Addilyn watching the giraffes.
The jaguar was very excited to see us!
Mrs. Nichole and Bryson worn out on the bus after a very fun day at the zoo!
Our cherry blossoms!
We took Coke bottles and dipped them in paint and then stamped them on the paper to make the blossoms!

Check back next week to see what all we have accomplished!

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