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Look and see what great things are happening in our class!

Look at what happened inside of our classroom last week!

We had a Valentine's Day celebration on Tuesday! Thank you again to all of our parent volunteers!
Sam, Taylor, Addilyn, Drew and Eli decorating their own Rice Krispy Treat before eating it!

Addilyn, Lily, Eli, Drew, Taylor, Logan and Sam making their craft.

Playing musical hearts!

Bryson, Grant, Banks, Izzy, Avery, Lindsey and Madelyn listening to a Valentine's Day story.

Making their Valentine's Day treat bags.

Lindsey, Avery, Madelyn and Grant making their craft.

Grant, Bryson, Izzy and Banks making their craft.

*We also made some fun crafts in our room to go along with our letter of the week: Q!

Our Q-tip art! The children got to pick out what color paper they wanted and were given a bottle of glue and Q-tips. They got to make whatever they wanted! The children created everything from a rocket to a rainbow!

Our Queen and Quarterback Q's!

Great things are happening at our school and inside of our classroom! Check back next week!

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