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April Pictures

Here are some pictures of some of the fun things that we have been doing inside our classroom this month!
Our hand print Easter chicks!
Our Easter eggs that the kids painted!
Our Easter crosses. The kids colored and put stickers on the crosses.
Playing outside on the playground!
 Riding bikes out on the playground!
Clayton, Ivy, Noah and Ava practicing writing their G's in glitter.
Avery, Tessa W, Ivy, Noah, Adlee and Ty painting outside!
Avery, Koralena, Sophia and Mariah working on their counting in the Math center.
Ava, Ivy, Clayton, Cameron and Noah working on their fine motor skills.
Putting pipe cleaners through a collender.
Our afternoon class added the letter C to their alphabet book.
C is for cotton painting.
C is for caterpillar!
Altogether, we're on Very Hungry Caterpillar!
C is for crab!
Our hand print crabs!
Our trapezoids!
C is for cloud!
Noah, Cameron and Ty working on their fine motor skills by punching holes in paper.
Ivy, Tessa W and Sophia working on their math skills. Counting "french fries" and putting them in the matching number french fry container.
Abigail and Avery working on a letter matching puzzle.
Ivy and Cameron searching for G's during their G hunt outside on the playground.
Tessa W and Avery drawing what they found on their G hunt.
Lane, Avery and Adlee searching for U's.

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