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February Pictures

Koralena, Clayton, Ava and Mariah working on their number 4 paper with me during center time.
Tessa M, Ivy, Adlee and Sophia working on stringing beads (fine motor) during center time.
 Koralena, Ava, Mariah and Clayton playing dress-up during center time.
Tyler, Cameron and Tessa W working on their Valentine's Day craft with Mrs. Amy during center time.
The finished product!
Happy Valentine's Day!
We found Little Bo Peep's Sheep!
Check out our hand print sheep!
P is for penguin!
Walking over to the new church campus to sign our names on the floors of the new children's wing!
Signing our names on the floors of the new children's wing before they put the carpet and tile down!
By signing our names we are hoping and praying that each child that is in that new room, feels the love and excitement we did on this day!
It was finally warm enough to go outside! The playground was still too muddy but we went out on the blacktop and ran and played with sidewalk chalk!
Here's Avery and Tessa W drawing their pictures!
Ivy and Adlee drawing their pictures.
Listening to Mrs. Brandy tell us about her mission trip to Haiti.
Working on our crafts at the craft station at our Valentine's Day party!
Decorating and eating our yummy snacks at our Valentine's Day party!
Tessa M, Adlee, Ivy and Mariah passing out Valentine's to their friends at our Valentine's Day party!
Listening to a Valentine's Day story at our Valentine's Day party!
Tessa M, Tyler, Avery and Abigail working on their writing prompts during center time!
Tessa M, Mariah, Ava, Clayton, Abigail, Tyler and Kora showing their rockets that they made for the letter R!
Noah, Cameron, Ivy and Ava playing in the kitchen during center time!
Lane, Koralena and Sophia playing with the dinosaurs during center time!
Adlee, Clayton, Mariah and Tessa W reviewing their colors and shapes with Mrs. Amy during center time!
We had a great month! Check back to see pictures for the month of March!

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