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We had a great review week! I am very proud with how far the children have come since the beginning of the school year!
The highlight of our week was when we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on Thursday!
We had Dr. Seuss coloring pages, we made edible Dr. Seuss hats out of Oreos, whip cream and Lifesaver gummies and we made Thing 1 and Thing 2's with our hand prints!
Addilyn, Izzy, Bryson and Drew coloring their Dr. Seuss coloring pages.

Banks with his edible Dr. Seuss hat!
Lily with her hat!
Lindsey with her hat!
Avery with her hat!
Madelyn with her hat!
Grant with his hat!
Sam with his hat!
Eli with his hat!
Jackson with his hat!
Our Thing 1 and Thing 2's!

Our Dr. Seuss hats!

Check back next week to see all of the fun that happened inside of our classroom!

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